January 25, 2022


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Brooke Jenkins, Certified Health Coach

I struggled with my weight most of my life. When I was first introduced to the program, I was very skeptical. I didn't believe that it would work for me, because nothing else had. Having been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) many years prior, struggling with insulin resistance and fertility issues. It seemed that my fate to be obese and unhealthy fir the easy of my life was inevitable. I said yes, to giving it only 30 days. I told my friend and coach that I would follow it precisely to prove that it wouldn't work for me. However, 30 days in I was a believer, I had more energy, more joy, more patience, better sleep and no hunger! I went on to lose 95 pounds, with the support of my free health coach, the Habits of Health Transformational System, Community, and my Fuel plan! I conquered something I thought wasn't an option for me! But what's most important is the life that I've gained. The mental transformation, the habits of health that has propelled me further towards health than anything I could have dreamed! Now, almost 6 years later, not only have we improved our entire families health, we added two more babies to our now family of 6! We are loving life more than ever, the freedom to raise 4 young kids while building a thriving business as a health coach is amazing! As a coach we get to pay it forward and help others have their own transformation and create their best life, like we have and are.  
Partnering with you to take time today for your Wellness, 
So you are not Forced to take time Tomorrow for your illness. 

Gregory Dean Photography, LLC is a commercial photography company that specializes in Advertising, Editorial and "Life Style" Content Creation.

Lead photographer - Gregory Dean Specht works directly with businesses, small to large, and has mastery in business portraits, product advertising, architectural & design photography, immersive technology like 3D Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality.

“In many cases my work comes directly from Advertising Agencies and other Marketing Professionals.”

How We Got Started

I have over thirty years of real-life experience as a Professional Photographer doing both commercial (B2B) and retail (B2C) assignment photography.

My interest in photography started at a young age along with other hobbies but I have been a creative artist all my life and I have been a professional photographer most of my adult life.

The photographic images that really captured my attention early on was the flawless work of fashion and product photographers along with film makers.

I have had the privilege of learning from some of the best-of-the-best in my industry, true legends of photography. Over the years I have worked as a freelancer as well as employed by independent studios.

I studied Visual Design & Photography at the University of Oregon but really learned the craft and business of photography through a couple of fortunate apprenticeship opportunities working under the guidance of highly skilled professionals.

How have you pivoted to keep your business going since the start of covid?

I had to pivot during the quarantine lock-down period. I am a commercial photographer working largely in the advertising and editorial realm. I did experience an immediate drop in business portraits both on location and in studio for about two months as businesses closed and face-to-face business activities came to a screeching halt. I am fortunate though in that I have diversity built into my business that includes Product and Architectural Design Photography. I turned my focus to location work that I could conduct outdoors or in safe locations and isolated from groups of other people. I also offered safe drop off or shipping of products at the studio and could conduct online conferencing with clients to discuss and plan photo sessions for their products. I have had to learn a few new tricks and I have added some new technology to my services in order to stay relevant and competitive like updated 3D LiDar Mapping and Virtual Tour Creation. This service is valuable to Real Estate professionals who can conduct distance online Virtual Walk Through Tours of both Residential and Commercial Spaces. Overall I will see a loss of revenue for 2020 but the Summer months are always a busy time for me. I have also reached out to past clients to offer updated photos at a Preferred Customer Rate and the local agricultural industries have become a recent source of new clients. I remain optimistic!


The Salem/Keizer Business Alliance:

“Local businesses, the media, and non-profits working together for the benefit of our communities.”

The Salem Keizer Business Alliance represents a diverse group of entrepreneurs and business professionals dedicated to the prosperity of their communities.  Offering vigorous advocacy for member products and services, this strong coalition works to improve commerce by forming strategic partnerships.

From professional seminars and social functions to our popular twice monthly Business Networking Breakfasts, our business alliance drives commerce and puts money back into our communities.  One of our members, Brooke Jenkins from Life Freedom with Brooke, volunteers with the planning and co-hosting of the networking events. She has been the master of ceremonies, introducing speakers and keeping the meeting flow beneficial to all, since the beginning of 2020.

Formally known as Willamette Valley Chamber for Commerce, the Salem/Keizer Business Alliance (SKBA) is a for-profit Economic Development Company that works with many other companies, such as advertising companies and providers of products and services, to improve local commerce and support worthy causes in our community.

Management of the Salem Keizer Business Alliance realizes businesses are the heart and soul of our communities.  The SKBA was founded with the desire to:

  • Encourage local commerce
  • Provide fundraising opportunities to schools, non-profit organizations, and churches with no out-of-pocket-cost.
  • To improve our local economy

The Salem/Keizer Business Alliance will help business owners get new customers through their doors the first time, keep them coming back, and show how trading with other merchants can help their businesses become more profitable.

The Salem/Keizer Business Alliance is:

  • A company with our community in mind
  • Dedicated to promoting your business and bringing you new customers
  • An alliance that shows a heart for our local schools and charities by helping to support them

Business owners, you are invited to join us for our free breakfast networking meetings.  These meetings provide a great opportunity for business owners to tell other merchants about their businesses and hear from our guest speakers.  While there, they can also learn how their businesses can benefit by helping our local non-profits.

For more information about the Salem/Keizer Business Alliance or to let us know you would like to join us for breakfast, please contact us at:

Email: info@salemkeizeralliance.biz

Web: www. salemkeizeralliance.biz


Salem's oldest restaurant, the Court Street Dairy Lunch, is a legendary downtown landmark. Since 1929, the Court Street Dairy Lunch has been serving homestyle favorites from the 18 old fashioned counter seats and the 11 comfy booths. Locals, dignitaries, blue collar workers, students, and tourists have made this little restaurant on Court Street a venerable staple in the mid-Willamette Valley. Often referred to as "Salem's living room", located in the heart of the city, the Dairy Lunch always seems to be in the middle of local conversation.

The real star here is the food. Homemade from scratch, the Dairy Lunch has used the same ingredients for nearly 100 years. Famous for biscuits and real country gravy as well as the big Ranch Burger, the Court Street Dairy Lunch features milkshakes, which are still the champion that kids from 3 to 93 enjoy more and more every year!

The Court Street Foundation now runs this historic eatery. Dedicated to the preservation of the Court Street Dairy Lunch, your favorite recipes, and to the development of a Student Culinary Program, veterans in the restaurant business share knowledge and experience with high school culinary students in all aspects of operating an actual restaurant.

Please visit our website: https://dairylunch.com/


When Life Gives You ‘Taters …

If you were asked to complete that headline, would you say, “Make ‘tater salad?”

Not if you’re Diabetes Support Services you won’t. When life gave us ‘taters, we fed the hungry.

Due to the coronavirus we were forced to temporarily suspend our diabetes education programs. For thirteen years we have been educating and supporting the diabetic community through free support group meetings, health fairs, seminars, workshops and one-on-one consultations. In all, we’ve touched the lives of over 20,000 people searching for diabetes education.

That was until March 23rd when we sadly closed our doors to gatherings at our headquarters while our members embarked on sheltering in place.  It was heart-wrenching.  The whole body sonic vibration machines went silent, the phone stopped ringing, and our volunteers longed for the relationships and camaraderie of socializing and supporting our organization.

Life had suddenly given us lemons. Lemonade that is sugar free was not an option.

Heeding the call to continue to help those in need, we immediately opened our doors to the community by partnering with Marion Polk Food Share and Catholic Community Services and established a food pantry in our conference room.

Suddenly , life gave us ‘taters – and what did we do with them? We didn’t make ‘tater salad, we fed the hungry.

To date, 6,500 people have been fed by our new venture – boxes of non-perishable, fresh produce (lots of ‘taters and once even lemons), dairy products, hygiene and baby supplies, and dog and cat food, have been picked up weekly or delivered to those quarantined and isolated.  Only a percentage of those we serve have a diagnosis of diabetes. We help everyone in need. Many of our pick-ups, however, do include needed diabetes supplies.

The community has been generous in donating products to our pantry. Of course, the shelves rapidly go bare and we can always use a variety of items. Those are listed on our www.diabetesmadesimple.org web site. We can always use man- and woman power to help with getting the food out of the door so volunteer opportunities are available. We are truly blessed with the best volunteers in the state and to top it all off, they’re a lot of fun!

For now we’re going in another new direction. Our education programs are available through Zoom at noon on Tuesdays – join us and enjoy your “Lunch and Learn.”

For details on our activities check out our website or give us a call – 503-585-1335 – we’ll love hearing from you, but beware, we might put you to work making ‘tater salad!

Sondra Underberg
Diabetes Support Services, Inc.


Oregon Paralyzed Veterans of America (OPVA), incorporated in 1976, is a chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America. OPVA serves the needs of its Members – U.S. military veterans with spinal cord injury or disease (SCI/D) – and helps them enjoy the highest possible quality of life.

OPVA, Members, Associate Members, Family Members, Volunteers, and allied organizations work to provide leadership and advocacy in

  • Improving health care and SCI/D research and education
  • Protecting veterans rights and benefits
  • Improving awareness of disability rights
  • Offering sports and health-promotion activities
  • Increasing accessibility and removing architectural barriers in Oregon, Southwest Washington, and Idaho.

OPVA is a 501(c)(3) charity, and relies on grants and donations from members of the public.

Oregon Paralyzed Veterans of America has several programs to help serve our veterans.

Hospital Liaison

One of the main goals of the Hospital Liaison Program is to maintain a working relationship with VA hospitals in Oregon and Washington, private hospitals and rehabilitation centers. In doing so, Oregon PVA helps facilitate the re-entry of spinal cord and/or neurologically impaired persons (i.e. MS ALS etc.) and their families into society through personal contacts, technical assistance and education. In 1994, Oregon PVA established the Health Care Policy Review Program to monitor the needs of the mobility impaired veteran and provide information on healthcare reform.



Oregon PVA promotes and provides sporting and recreational events, activities, education and funding for mobility impaired persons.

The sports program promotes all sporting activities including, but not limited to, the following: Golf, Trapshooting, Bowling, Deep Sea Fishing, Archery, National Veterans Wheelchair Games, and so much more.



Each year the chapter puts on an awards banquet to honor those members and organizations who have gone above and beyond to improve the quality of lives for all persons with disabilities.

The chapter also holds member meetings, an annual picnic and the Abilities Expo to encourage and promote family outings and activities. These are just a few of our many events.


Oregon Paralyzed Veterans of America (OPVA) is solely supported by generous gifts and sponsors. OPVA does not receive any funding from State or Federal Government. We rely on generous gifts to fund the programs and activities for our Veterans.

Here are two of the many projects we are involved with:

  • Helping to push through the Air Carriers Act to ensure that all disabled Americans are treated fairly by the Airlines
  • Our Hospital Liaison works with the VA to insure our Veterans receive the Care needed at the VA hospitals and clinics.

OPVA encourages our Paralyzed Veterans through Sports and Recreation to engage with the community and remind them that life is not over just because they are in a wheelchair.

If you would like more information on OPVA please visit our Website www.oregonpva.org or feel free to call the Chapter office in Salem at 503-362-7998.

It is an Honor “Serving those Who Served